Start Online dating after cancer

Online dating after cancer

So I’d like to give a huge shout out to two amazing patients: stage 4 anal cancer patient Michele Longabaugh and testicular cancer patient Jon Dibblee.

I was heading in to schedule my second round of fat transfer surgery but, as usual, was happy to discuss my chest with another BC buddy (and her husband, as it turned out).

I never talked about my boobs that much until I got breast cancer.

It really doesn’t feel anything like a real breast, at least not at first. Big horizontal scars, and in my case, bright pink and jagged. But the weirdest part of all, and the part I really wasn’t mentally prepared for, was the absence of nipples.

I think there should be a like section of dedicated to singles who had/ have cancer and are searching for relationships.

I let them poke and prod and ask all kinds of questions about the science experiment I’m conducting on my chest.

Not because I’m some kind of exhibitionist but because I’ve always felt knowledge is power and anything that I can do to help educate and inform other BC survivors and/or the people who treat them is worthwhile.

Did your cancer and treatment lead to sexual side effects? Please join me and the folks at Fred Hutch tomorrow (August 4) at 10 a.m. ” I nodded and introduced myself and the two of us talked “shop” for a few minutes.